Pix4Dmapper guide to troubleshoot issues

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  • anders paxi andrade

    quiero prolongar por 10 dias mas mi prueba en el pix4dmapper

  • Marco (Pix4D)

    Hola Anders,

    Puede solicitar una extensión de prueba escribiendo a nuestro departamento de ventas:

    Disfrute de nuestro software


  • UAV Program

    I have loaded my GCPs successfully, I can see them, I can select them in rayCloud, but my Images window shows me only 1 of the 700 or so images I captured, and the GCP target is not in that image. How do I get P4D to show me the other images? I know when one(s) the target is in, but it is not offered as a choice to me in the Images section.

  • Marco (Pix4D)


    Have you tried to use the option "Automatic Marking" when marking your GCPs? This should show you all images where your GCP is located.


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