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What does the Bingo File that is generated when clicking on Export Marks... contain? - PIX4Dmapper

Access: On the Menu bar, click Project > GCP/MTP Manager...In the GCP/MTP Table section, click Export Marks...

Pix4Dmapper can export the image coordinates of the GCPs/MTPs marked on the images.

The Bingo txt file contains the image coordinates for the GCPs/MTPs. These coordinates refer to the original (input) images. The origin of the image coordinate system is the center of the image. The coordinates are given in millimeters.

Example: The Bingo file contains the following information:

IMG_0492 H_6.16002_4.62002
gcp1 -1.9496 1.84069
gcp2 -0.60067 -0.305095


IMG_0493 H_6.16002_4.62002
gcp1 -2.53146 -1.30262
mtp2 -0.70265 -2.31059


This means that the GCP gcp1 is visible in image IMG_0492 with image coordinates (-1.9496, 1.84069) and in image IMG_0493 with image coordinates (-2.53146, -1.30262).