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How to verify that at least 75% of the Images have good Geolocation - PIX4Dmapper

To verify that at least 75% of the images have good image geolocation:

1. Click Project > Image Properties Editor...
2. In the Image Properties Editor, use the image table to verify that for at least 75% of the images the Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (or X, Y, Z) coordinates do not have the value (0,0,0) and are correct.

  • Each image must have a unique geolocation. If GPS devices are used close to buildings or are not very precise, they can give the same position for multiple images. If all or multiple images have the same geolocation, it is recommended to remove the image geolocation.
  • If the images are in a known coordinate system, the Map View (Menu View > Map View) can be used to verify that:
    • The images lie at the correct position on Earth. If not, check the geolocation file if the geolocation was imported using a file and geolocation file format (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude / Longitude, Latitude, Altitude / etc.).
    • Double click on the image dots to display the images. Use the background map to verify that the images lie at the correct place on Earth. If there is a shift in the image position and that some images lie on the wrong flight line, it might indicate a matching issue between the images and their position.

3. If the coordinates are not correct, correct them following these instructions: How to select/change the images geolocation and orientation. If you import the coordinates from a file, verify that the coordinates in the file are correct and that the correct coordinate format (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude / Longitude, Latitude, Altitude / etc.) is selected when importing the file.
4. On the Image Properties Editor, click OK.