Error e0050: "Orthomosaic generation stopped" - Pix4dmapper


Error e0050: "Orthomosaic generation stopped"


Processing stopped in step 3, while generating the Orthomosaic.


There are different causes:

  • The error comes if there is not enough space in hard disk for the temporary files used to generate the Orthomosaic.
  • There is not enough RAM.


In general:

  • Ensure that there is enough free space on the hard disk where the project stores the outputs.
  • Ensure that there are at least 5GB of available RAM per 100'000'000 Densified Point Cloud points:

1. Open the project log file and locate the lines:

Total RAM = XXGB, available RAM = XXGB

Load point cloud: loading point cloud <PATH TO FILE/projectname_densified_point_cloud_part_XX.p4b>
Load point cloud: [XX points] processed step in XXms.

Important: If more than one point cloud cluster was created, there will be several .p4b parts, go to the line where the last one is showed, the next line will show the total size loaded for all of them.

2. For each 100'000'000 Densified Point Cloud points, 5GB of RAM are used to load the points, but it is needed as well extra RAM to load other files, approximately, it is needed 12GB of RAM every 100'000'000 Densified Point Cloud Points. Change the process options to generate less 3D points: How to change the Processing Options to generate fewer 3D Points .