Some uncalibrated images - PIX4Dmapper


On the Quality Check in the Quality report, it is displayed that there are some uncalibrated cameras after performing step 1 of processing with PIX4Dmapper.


When groups or individual cameras cannot calibrate, this can result in missing areas of the model and areas with lower accuracy.





Several causes can lead to this issue:

  1. A dataset with low overlap or images not taken in a systematic way. Overlap can be assessed in figure 4 and figure 5 of the Quality Report.
  2. Repetitive or complex dataset (trees, forest, fields).
  3. Dataset made from multiple flights with images not similar enough (different time of capture, moving objects, different temperature, different lens).
  4. Images containing reflective areas (water, windows) that cannot be calibrated.
  5. Image quality is not sufficient.


Possible solutions to the previously listed causes are proposed below.

For cause 1:

For cause 2:

For cause 3:

  • Process each flight individually and combine the projects together in a second step. For more information about how to merge projects: Merging projects.

For cause 4:

  • Take images that contain some unreflective areas (e.g. 30% of the land minimum).

For cause 5:

Tip: It is also possible to manually calibrate the uncalibrated images (time-consuming, manual workflow).