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Which Base Surface is recommended for the Volume Calculation? - PIX4Dmapper

This article recommends the base surface option during volume calculation based on stockpiles' visibility.

Depending on the type of the stockpile that is about to be computed, different options for the base surface are recommended. There are two general categories for the stockpiles:

Stockpiles whose entire boundary is visible.

In this case, it is recommended to select the Triangulated option for the base surface. This option is recommended especially when the terrain around the volume is not flat.

Stockpiles whose boundary is partially visible.

The boundaries of a stockpile can be partially or completely hidden:

  • by an intersecting stockpile.
  • by walls.
Stockpile partially hidden by an intersecting stockpile.
Stockpile partially hidden by a wall.

If the boundary is partially hidden, it is recommended to select:

  • Align with Lowest Point, if the terrain is relatively flat.

If the boundary is completely hidden, e.g. in the case of a box full of a material, it is recommended to select:

  • Custom Altitude, if the base surface is relatively flat and its altitude is known.

If the vertices of the base surface are known: