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PIX4Dmapper MacOS Incompatibility: Error e0060


PIX4Dmapper is designed to run on Windows 10 or 11 operating systems. Current versions of this software do not run natively on a Mac.

Error e0060: Network error: Validate your Internet connection: SSL handshake failed

In February 2018, Pix4D halted development of the MacOS variant of PIX4Dmapper. Subsequently, this version transitioned to beta status and is no longer eligible for official technical support. The final iteration of PIX4Dmapper engineered for Mac was version 3.0.18, compatible with MacOS up to Sierra 10.12.

Modern updates to MacOS have rendered version 3.0.18 incompatible, as it relies on outdated connection protocols unsupported by contemporary MacOS versions. Consequently, users may encounter difficulties connecting to PIX4Dmapper's license servers, resulting in the expected Error e0060.


What solutions exist for Mac users?

Boot Camp facilitates the installation of Windows Desktop OS on a separate partition of the Mac's hard drive. This enables PIX4Dmapper to operate seamlessly within a native Windows environment on the Mac. However, Mac systems running on Parallels are not supported due to their utilization of a virtual operating system. This may lead to complications with the rayCloud display and processing failures.

Warning: Technical assistance for PIX4Dmapper is exclusively available to certified Windows operating systems. The information in this support article is offered as a courtesy to customers, but it carries no warranty concerning its accuracy or validity, whether expressed or implied. Mac users seeking support will be redirected to community resources for assistance.

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