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How to georeference a Project without Image Geolocation, only with 2D GCPs - PIX4Dmapper

Important: This workflow applies only if there is no image geolocation. If there is image geolocation, include the GCPs as per normal, following: How to include GCPs in the project.
Warning: It is not recommended to mark only 2D GCPs in the project. This may cause problems in the georeference of the model.
Tip: To better georeference the model, it is recommended to include 3D GCPs in the project.

When having only 2D GCPs, in order to georeference the model:

1. Create a project: Step 2. Creating a Project.
2. Import and mark the 2D GCPs: How to include GCPs in the project.
3. Run step 1. Initial Processing.
4. On the Menu bar, click Project > GCP/Manual Tie Point Manager...
5. Change the Type of the GCPs from 2D GCP to 3D GCP.
6. Set the Accuracy Vert to a big value, e.g. 5 meters, and click OK.
7. On the Menu bar, click Process > Reoptimize.

Note: The model will be scaled, rotated and geolocated.
Warning: The altitude information will not be absolute.