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What is the bingo file generated during Initial Processing? - PIX4Dmapper

If the Camera Internals and Externals, AAT, BBA option is selected for the 1st step Initial Processing (Menu Process > Processing Options... > 1. Initial Processing > General), then the project_name_bingo.txt file is generated at the output folder:


The Bingo file contains the image coordinates (on the input images that got calibrated) for the GCPs and Check points and some of the Automatic Tie Points. These coordinates refer to the original (input) images. The origin of the image coordinate system is the center of the image. The coordinates are given in millimeters.

Example: The bingo file contains the following information:

P1060498 H_8.07_6.0525
1006 -1.90643 1.83493
1020 2.00132 -0.797681

P1060499 H_8.07_6.0525

1006 -2.42102 1.87814
1020 2.15263 -0.33399


This means that the automatic point 1006 is visible on image P1060498 with image coordinates (-1.90643, 1.83493) and on image P1060499 with image coordinates (-2.42102, 1.87814).

Not all Automatic Tie Points are registered. The bingo file contains Automatic Tie Points that are distributed homogeneously on the images. A grid is applied on each image and one Automatic Point is registered for each cell. This Automatic Tie Point is the one that is visible on the highest number of images.