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Access: On the Menu bar, click Project > GCP/MTP Manager... The GCP/MTP Manager window opens. In the GCP/MTP Editor section, click Basic Editor...

The Basic GCP/MTP Editor pop-up has the following 3 sections:

  • GCP/MTP Table: Section that allows the user to edit the GCPs/MTPs/Check Points values and status.
  • Images: A list with all the images.
  • Preview: Section where the GCPs / MTP / Check Points are marked on the image.

And the action buttons:

  • GCP/MTP Manager: Closes the Basic GCP / MTP Editor and goes back to the GCP/MTP Manager.
  • OK: Confirms the changes.
  • Cancel: Does not save the changes and exits the pop-up.
  • Help: Opens the Pix4Dmapper help.


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