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CUDA not detected - PIX4Dmapper

This PIX4Dmapper article aims at providing a solution to the "No NVIDIA CUDA capable devices found" resource message when creating a PIX4Dmapper project.


"No NVIDIA CUDA capable devices found.
Ensure that you use CUDA compatible device with the latest drivers".


PIX4Dmapper is compatible with any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or above. Meaning that PIX4Dmapper should work with low performances Intel integrated graphics card HD 4000 and above. However, for faster processing, PIX4Dmapper also uses the processing power of GPUs that are compatible with Nvidia CUDA 9.1 and above (with the latest drivers installed). That allows increasing the performance in PIX4Dmapper, especially during Step 1 and with large projects.


  • The GPU is not compatible with Nvidia CUDA 9.1 and above.
  • The latest drivers are not installed.


You can download the latest drivers for your graphics card from NVIDIA website here.

Important: In the case of two GPUs; it is not possible to install two different drivers sets. Therefore, a driver that supports both cards should be installed. It always has to be the latest driver. However, in the need of choosing between two different ones, it is essential to choose the older one to manage both cards.