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Maximum number of images per project and processing time - PIX4Dmapper

The number of images that can be processed with PIX4Dmapper depends on the following:

  • Pixel resolution, image size.
  • Level of details, spatial resolution, also called ground sampling distance (GSD): Ground sampling distance (GSD).
  • Image content, number, and complexity of features.
  • Selected processing options and outputs.
  • Capabilities of the available processing resources (hardware specifications).

The more images, the longer the processing time. However, because of all these factors, there is no rule to compute the exact time required to process a Pix4D project.

For more information about the processing speed regarding the hardware setup: Processing speed.
For more information about the minimum and recommended hardware for a given number of images: Computer requirements - PIX4Dmapper

When a dataset is considered large for the capabilities of the available processing resources, splitting the project into smaller projects is recommended. The smaller projects can then be merged. For more information: Processing Large Datasets.

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