Warped or curved model - PIX4Dmapper


The model shows a curvature that is not accurate to the actual terrain. Warped or curved models typically occur because of the quality of the camera that is used for the dataset acquisition or the type or terrain. Long corridor projects are especially prone to this.


Bended Corridor Project


  1. Corridor projects are, in general, more prone to inaccuracies, especially if there is only one line of flight and no image geolocation.
  2. Cameras with a rolling shutter can have a negative impact on the reconstruction depending on the flight conditions and the area that is mapped.


Possible solutions to the previously listed causes are proposed below.

For cause 1, corridor projects

For cause 2, rolling shutter

To mitigate the effect of the rolling shutter, we suggest applying the rolling shutter correction algorithm, especially for flights with a regular pattern (lines): How to correct for the Rolling Shutter Effect.