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How to create the orthomosaic of a facade - PIX4Dmapper

Video: Watch the instructional video related to the Orthoplane:
  • An orthoplane can be drawn after step 1. Initial Processing has been completed.
  • An orthomosaic of a facade (or orthofacade) can only be generated after step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh has been completed.

In order to draw a new orthoplane in the rayCloud:

1. On the menu bar, click View > rayCloud.
2. On the menu bar, click rayCloud > New Orthoplane.

3. In the 3D View, an orthoplane box appears beside the mouse. Left-click to place the box on a 3D point.
4. Adjust the orthoplane box so that it is parallel to the object (the facade of a building, the slope of a hill, etc.):

Warning: The green arrow should point towards the object to be orthorectified.
  • Drag the arrows of the orthoplane box to move it and place it at the desired location. Drag the:
    • Red arrow to move it towards the X direction.
    • Green arrow to move it towards the Y direction.
    • Blue arrow to move it towards the Z direction.

Or use the Position (X,Y,Z) options of the right sidebar: Menu View > rayCloud > Right sidebar > Objects.

  • Drag the spheres of the orthoplane box to resize it. Drag the:
    • Red sphere to resize the X length.
    • Green sphere to resize the Y length.
    • Blue sphere to resize the Z length.

Or use the Width, Height, Clipping Distance options of the right sidebar: Menu View > rayCloud > Right sidebar > Objects.

Note: All the points included in the orthoplane box are used for the orthomosaic generation, regardless of their point groups.

5. (optional) Click Flip to change the orientation and direction of the orthoplane.
6. (optional) If at least one surface object is drawn (How to draw a Surface in the rayCloud), click Align to align the orthoplane with an existing surface. (Select the desired surface from the drop-down list).
7. Click Apply to save the changes made under the Properties section of the right sidebar.


In order to generate the orthomosaic of a facade:

1. Draw a New Orthoplane. For step by step instructions: How to draw a new orthoplane.

2. Set the Resolution [cm/pixel] of the orthomosaic. For more information about the orthoplane options: Menu View > rayCloud > Right sidebar > Objects.
3. (optional) Select the Generate DSM box to generate a DSM.
4. Select the file path where the orthomosaic will be stored.
5. Click Generate.

Note: Only one orthomosaic can be generated at a time. The generated orthomosaic is not georeferenced.
Important: If the generated orthomosaic is distorted with background information, improve the results by masking the background: How to remove the Background of the Orthoplane using the Annotation Tool .