Installation and login

How to log in - PIX4Dmapper


This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to log in to PIX4Dmapper.

In order to log in to PIX4Dmapper:

1. Make sure that there is an internet connection for this procedure.

2. Double-click the PIX4Dmapper shortcut created on the desktop.

3. The window PIX4Dmapper Login opens.

PIX4Dmapper Login window.jpg

4. (optional): If a proxy server is used to connect to the internet, click Proxy... and follow these instructions: How to set up the Proxy Server Configuration - PIX4Dmapper.

PIX4Dmapper Proxy button at Login Window.jpg

5. Type in the Email address and Password and click Login.

Note: For the Educational Classroom license, all students should type in the same unique login and password.
PIX4Dmapper login credentials.jpg

6. Select:

PIX4Dmapper Login window Select a license.jpg

7. Click OK to start using PIX4Dmapper.


After logging in to PIX4Dmapper, this action occupies a seat on the license. If users would like to use the license on another device, please log out from the currently active device first. For more information on how to log out to PIX4Dmapper: How to log out - PIX4Dmapper.