Error e0203a: Cannot generate DTM - PIX4Dmapper


Error description: e0203a Cannot generate DTM. This error can be identified in the project log file. This article highlights a few of the most common solutions to correct this error.

Log out of Discovery mode.

If logged in Discovery mode:

    1. Log out from Discovery mode: How to log out from Discovery.
    2. Log in to PIX4Dmapper: How to log in to PIX4Dmapper.
    3. On the welcome screen, select the trial or paid license.
    4. Select Ok.

Confirm that steps 2 and 3 have been processed.

If steps 2 and 3 are shown in red, they need to be processed.


To process the missing steps, follow the instructions on How to process a single step - PIX4Dmapper.

Confirm the correct processing options were selected to generate a DTM.

Check the procedure for generating a DTM in the following support article: How to automatically generate a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) - PIX4Dmapper.

Ensure there is enough RAM for processing.

Please note that for successful processing, especially for datasets with more than 500 images, a minimum of 32 GB RAM is highly recommended.

For more information, Computer requirements - PIX4Dmapper

Note: In any other case of a technical problem, please contact Support.