How to process agriculture projects on PIX4Dcloud


Multispectral images are accepted as input files and can be processed on PIX4Dcloud.

The multispectral cameras that are supported are given in the table.

Manufacturer Camera Syntax (Model name_focal length)
AeroVironment  Quantix RGN Quantix_2.6
Airinov multiSPEC4C multiSPEC4C_3.0
DJI DJI P4 multispectral FC6360_5.7
MicaSense Altum Altum_1.8 (Thermal band)
Altum_8.0 (Multispectral bands)
RedEdge RedEdge_5.5



Parrot Sequoia Sequoia_4.0
Sentera Sentera 6x 21214-00_3.2MP
Slantrange SlantRange-3P SlantRange-3P_12.0
Note: Multispectral and RGB images need to be processed as separate projects.

To process agriculture projects on PIX4Dcloud:

1. Create a project. To do so, there are two alternatives:

1.1 Import the images creating a new dataset on PIX4Dcloud. For discrete band imagery, apply the AG multispectral template. For MicaSense and Sequoia cameras, the AG multispectral template is applied by default. The output visible on PIX4Dcloud is the NDVI map. For more information: Processing Options Default Templates
1.2 Upload the project already created in Pix4Dmapper to PIX4Dcloud. Custom processing options can be defined before uploading the project to PIX4Dcloud. More information on custom processing options in How to customize the options for processing on PIX4Dcloud.

Access: To perform option 1.2 both a PIX4Dmapper license and a PIX4Dcloud license are needed.

2. Visualize the outputs on PIX4Dcloud. The output generated from multispectral images available for visualization on PIX4Dcloud is the NDVI map. If other outputs (e.g. reflectance maps for discrete band imagery) were selected for their generation as described at step 1.2, download the results folder in order to visualize the files in PIX4Dmapper or other third-party software. For more information: How to download the results from PIX4Dcloud.

Information: Radiometric calibration targets can be used in the processing. More information on how to use calibration targets on PIX4Dcloud: Radiometric calibration target.
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