Detection of the GCPs failed - PIX4Dcloud

The detection of the GCPs in PIX4Dcloud Advanced can fail under different circumstances.

  • Ensure that the image and GCP requirements are all met.
  • Ensure that the correct coordinate system and coordinate values were defined for the GCPs. In the Files > GCPs section of the project, click See and edit control points. Then select Map. If everything is correct, the control points are displayed in the correct place on the map.
  • Ensure that the specified size of the targets is the size of the diagonal of the target, defined in the correct measurement unit.
  • Ensure the CSV geolocation file was formatted correctly. See the formatting rules here.

If one of the above conditions was not met, the algorithm has failed to detect and mark the GCPs of the project.

Create a new dataset, remove the condition that has caused the failure and start processing.