Retention policy of Pix4D Cloud projects

After a trial, a license, or the Support & Upgrade of an OTC license expires, all projects that were created on Pix4D Cloud with the associated Pix4D account are deleted based on our retention policy. This means the projects are not accessible anymore.

If no Pix4D license is valid (OTC requires valid S&U), projects are deleted:

  • After 30 days for trials.
  • After 6 months for all monthly, yearly, and OTC licenses.

Notification emails are sent to inform users 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day before proceeding to deletion.


Example: A user uploads a project with a trial and 20 days after the trial expires, the user buys a monthly license. It means the project will not be removed. However, if the user buys the monthly license after 31 days the trial expired, the project will not be accessible anymore.
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