Lagging or poor visualization when viewing 3D models - PIX4Dcloud


Bad performance can be experienced while viewing models on the cloud if the device runs with a NVIDIA graphic card and the Optimus technology. It can occur when rotating or panning in a model.

How to know whether the device is affected

1. Verify the web browser compatibility to access the option to check.

    • Chrome: Newer versions should always show the option (Chrome 36 already works).
    • Firefox: Type about:config in the URL bar and set web.enable-privileged-extensions flag to true.
    • Opera: Works the same as Chrome.
    • Explorer: Newer versions show the option (Internet Explorer 11.0.9600 already works).

2. Go to WebGL features detector page.
3. Scroll to the end of the page, look for what comes after Unmasked Renderer label.
4. If the field contains:

    • Intel, the device is affected. The web browser runs on weaker integrated Intel GPU, WebGL content will run slower than it could (sometimes dramatically slower).
    • NVIDIA, the device runs on faster discrete NVIDIA GPU and is not affected.


Set the program preferences in NVIDIA Control Panel as follows.

1. Ensure the latest available GPU driver is used (should be newer than at least 337.19). For more information: How to update the NVIDIA graphic card.
2. On the left sidebar of the NVIDIA Control Panel (How to reach the NVIDIA admin panel), select 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings.
3. In the main window, select the tab Program Settings.
4. In the field 1. Select a program to customize, choose the web browser.
5. In the field 2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program, apply High-performance NVIDIA processor.


6. Restart the browser.