Annotations cannot be saved in PIX4Dcloud

The annotations can fail to be saved in two cases:

Error description

The annotations cannot be migrated.

Due to some internal changes on the way the annotations are saved, when an existing project is opened, the existing annotations are migrated to a new database.

If this process fails the user interface will display:

  • A notification informing that there was a problem with the migration.


    • Clicking on Download backup will download the problematic annotations in geojson format. The file can be broken down in several smaller files with fewer coordinates and import it again in the project.
    • Clicking on dismiss or refreshing the page will revome the status icon and the annotations that were not migrated will be lost.
  • A failed status icon next to the annotation that couldn't is migrated:


  • Clicking on the layer will show the reason behind the failure:


When importing an annotation in the hierarchy.

Some annotations might not have the supported format and won't be imported into the project.

If the process fails, it will also show a failed status icon under the annotation layer hierarchy.

Besides, clicking on the layer will show the exact reason behind the failure as the cause before.