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How to check the upload status on PIX4Dcloud

When uploading images

To upload images on PIX4Dcloud, create a new dataset and, during step 2. Image selection, select the option Upload images for processing.

When the dataset has been created, the upload of the images starts.

When uploading results

To upload results on PIX4Dcloud, create a new dataset and, during step 2. Image selection, select Upload processed results.

When the dataset has been created, the files to upload can be selected and subsequently, the upload of the results starts.

    • Clicking CLOSE in the Uploads pop-up does not interrupt the upload, it only hides the pop-up.
    • The Uploads pop-up indicates the number of active and recent uploads. Click on a project to show the files it contains. Once the upload is complete, click check.png to remove the project from the queue.
    • It is possible to upload several projects simultaneously.
    • Staying on the PIX4Dcloud page but navigating (e.g. displaying results of another project) does not interfere with the upload.
    • Leaving the PIX4Dcloud page interrupts the upload, similarly to clicking CANCEL UPLOAD in the Uploads pop-up. However, images already uploaded remain inside the created dataset, more images can be added later and the processing triggered.
      To add more images, go to the Files > Images section and select Upload files. When all the images have been uploaded, in the same section click Start processing. Additional results can also be uploaded later. More information in How to upload results and outputs to PIX4Dcloud.
    • Once uploaded, images cannot be removed from the project. Results can be replaced.

During the upload progress, different icons reflect the status of each item's upload.

Successfully uploaded.
Currently being uploaded.
Waiting to be uploaded.
It can be removed from the project by clicking delete.png.
Identified as duplicate.
The same file (image) cannot be uploaded twice, it will be discarded. Click ic_delete_light_black.png to remove the duplicate.
Failed to be uploaded.
Click RETRY ALL to make another attempt.

Tip: When uploading images, if START PROCESSING AUTOMATICALLY was disabled or if the upload was interrupted, it is possible to resume the upload or add more images:
1. Navigate to the project.
2. In the Files > Images section, click Upload Files to add eventual images that need to be added and processed.
3. When ready for processing, click Start Processing.

Once the upload is completed and the processing is automatically or manually started, the Uploads pop-up shows the estimated waiting and processing time. An email is sent shortly to inform the user of the project status.

Pix4D cares about your privacy and does not claim any ownership of your data. Find more information in our Terms of Use.