Unable to upload files - PIX4Dcloud


When uploading a file to PIX4Dcloud, the upload might hang or there might be an error logged in the upload window.


In order to upload files to PIX4Dcloud, a connection to the Pix4D and AWS servers needs to be established. If this connection is obstructed, the upload cannot be completed.


Some possible causes include:

a. A bad/lost Internet connection.

b. Security restrictions that block the traffic to the servers.

c. A browser extension that blocks the upload. So far, we have collected the following list of browsers that can be blocking the upload, but there might be others that have not been identified yet:

  • Bitdefender Wallet
  • clearURLS

d. The file size is above the admitted limits.


a. Check your Internet connection speed, change connection if this is too weak and if possible, and when strong signal is available, try again with the upload.

b. Set up some exceptions in the security restrictions. For more information: Proxy / firewall configuration when working with PIX4Dcloud.

c. First, try to upload the same file via a different browser that does not have browser extensions or that has different ones, if possible.

To discover if a browser extension is blocking the upload for a specific browser and to know which one it is, follow these steps:

  1. From that browser, access the project where you are trying to add some results.
  2. Open the developer console (press Ctrl+Shift+i or right-click and select Inspect).
  3. Select the Console tab.
  4. Start the procedure to upload the file.
  5. Some Warnings might be displayed in the Console tab. These warnings should contain a reference to the browser extension that is interfering with the upload. If this is the case, deactivate the browser extension and repeat the upload.

d. Ensure that the file you are uploading meets the acceptance criteria. For more information: Inputs.