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This article goes step by step through the process of splitting a mission in Mission Planner.

Mission split

Mission split allows to automaticaly divide grid and corridor missions into smaller ones. It allows users to organize the data acquisition in multiple sections, making easier to monitor the progress of the full data acquisition of the planned area.

Split mode

Mission split can be accessed from the Split button under the mission edition/summary section.

Once entered into the split mode, the mission split calculations section will replace the settings panel:


Split calculations

The split operations can be performed according to different split parameters, depending on the mission type to split.

  1. Flight time per mission: divides the current mission into missions of the specified time (min).
  2. Number of missions: divides the current mission into the specified number of missions.
  3. Area per mission (grid): divides the current mission into missions of the specified area (ha).
  4. Length per mission (corridor): divides the current mission into missions of the specified length (km)
  5. Segments per mission (corridor): the number of straight segments in each mission.
  6. Split direction (grid): defines the direction of the split. The following options are available:
    • Horizontal: the area is firstly divided horizontally.
    • Vertical: the area is firstly divided vertically.
Note: Top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right options define the direction in which the missions will be named.

Once the split option and values have been confirmed, click on the “Calculate” button to execute and visualize the mission split results. The provisional resulting missions will be displayed in the right panel together with the spatial representation on the map. By modifying the split settings and Calculate, the provisional results will be recalculated, so you can iterate until getting the desired results.

Save split mission

Once the mission split calculations have been performed, the resulting missions can be saved in the project by clicking on the Split mission button.

Once the missions have been saved, the mission list will be displayed including the newly created missions from the split process.

Important: if the original mission has not been previously saved, it will be deleted.