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Access: On the Menu bar, click View.

There are 2 items that can be selected / unselected:

  • Show View Toolbar: Show / hide the View toolbar. For more information: Interface.
  • Show Sidebar: Show / hide the Sidebar. For more information: Displaying bars.


And 7 items that can be selected:

  • Home: Opens the Home View interface.
  • Map View: Opens the Map View, available when a project is created/opened.
  • rayCloud: Opens the rayCloud View, available when a project is created/opened.
  • Volumes: Opens the Volumes View, available when the point cloud and the DSM of a project are generated.
  • Mosaic Editor: Opens the Mosaic Editor View, available when the DSM and the Orthomosaic are generated.
  • Index Calculator: Opens the Index Calculator View, available when step 1. Initial Processing is completed.
  • Processing: Opens the Processing bar, available when a project is created/opened.
  • Log Output: Opens the Log Output bar, available when a project is created/opened.


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