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The outputs of PIX4Dcloud consist of photogrammetric results and of post-processing outputs, such as annotation files.

Photogrammetric outputs

When creating a new dataset to process on PIX4Dcloud, the following standard outputs (with default formats) can be generated and are made available for their web visualization, according to the template that was selected for processing during step 3. Processing template.

Point Cloud

Extension Description
.las Point Cloud file(s).

3D Textured Mesh

Extension Description
.obj OBJ 3D Mesh with texture files.


Extension Description
.tif DSM file.


Extension Description
.tif Orthomosaic file.


Extension Description

If project directly processing on PIX4Dcloud: NDVI map file.

If project uploaded from PIX4Dfields: BNDVI, GNDVI, CLI, NDVI, etc 


In parallel, some reports are generated to verify the success of the processing results.

Extension Description
.pdf, .xml Quality report of the project.
.pdf Pdf report for AutoGCP marks. For PIX4Dcloud Advanced users only.
.log Application logs, generally used for troubleshooting.

Other outputs and formats

A wider variety of formats and outputs can be generated and processing options selected if the project files are uploaded from PIX4Dmapper. More information on customized processing options in How to customize the options for processing on PIX4Dcloud. A full list of downloadable files is available in How to download the results from PIX4Dcloud.

Post-processing results and workflows

Annotation files

After the dataset is processed on PIX4Dcloud and/or available for its web visualization, annotations can be added and later on exported to third-party software or to other PIX4Dcloud datasets.

More information on how to export annotations and which formats are supported for their export in How to export/import annotations.

Download/Export results

Outputs from PIX4Dcloud can be downloaded individually or as a results folder. More information on how to export outputs in Download/Export.


Outputs from PIX4Dcloud can be shared for collaboration purposes. For more information: Share.

Note: Outputs and project files generated by PIX4Dcloud are kept under the PIX4Dcloud account according to the terms of the PIX4Dcloud storage expiration policy.
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