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2.5D 2D model (map) where the altitude is encoded in the pixel value. One color corresponds to a given range of elevations. Wikipedia article
AAT Automatic Aerial Triangulation Wikipedia article
AGL Above Ground Level Wikipedia article
ATP Automatic Tie Point 202559379
BBA Bundle Block Adjustment Wikipedia article
Check Point (CP) Point with known coordinates; it is useful for assessing the accuracy of the project. Contrarily to a GCP, the Check Point's coordinates are not used for the optimization procedure. 202557919
CRS Coordinate Reference System  Wikipedia article
DEM Digital Elevation Model Wikipedia article
DSM Digital Surface Model Wikipedia article
DTM Digital Terrain Model Wikipedia article
FoV Field of View Wikipedia article
GCP Ground Control Point
Reference point with measured coordinates. Used to georeference the project.


Georeference Assignment of real world coordinates to give position and orientation with respect to the Earth's surface. Wikipedia article
GSD Ground Sampling Distance
Distance between the centers of two consecutive pixels. This relates to the model's level of detail. 
IMU Inertial Measurement Units Wikipedia article
Inlier (concerning uncalibrated cameras) New match that fits with the 3D data coming from calibrated cameras. 202560189
Keypoint Characteristic feature (sharp contrast in texture, color, etc...) identified by the software in an image.  
LiDAR Light Detection And Ranging Wikipedia article
MSL Mean Sea Level Wikipedia article
MTP Manual Tie Point 202559379
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Wikipedia article
Orthomosaic 2D model (map) made by blending several orthophotos. Color balanced to be visually pleasing. 202558869
Orthophoto Photo that has been corrected for perspective, as if the photo was taken orthogonally from the object.  Wikipedia article
Orthoplane Blend of orthophotos similar to an orthomosaic but projected to any user defined plane. 202559889
Outlier (concerning uncalibrated cameras) New match that does not fit with the 3D data coming from calibrated cameras. 202560189
Reflectance map 2D model (map) that is corrected for perspective and where the value of each pixel faithfully represents the measured object's property.  206455126
RTK GPS Real Time Kinematic Wikipedia article
Textured mesh 3D model (mesh) made of triangles and having color information (texture). Color balanced to be visually pleasing. Wikipedia article
TMS Tile Map Service Wikipedia article
LoD Mesh Level of Details of the 3D Textured Mesh 206455126


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