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This article explains how to generate the 3D mesh once step 2 has been processed in PIX4Dmapper. This function is frequently used to generate 3D Textured Mesh after editing the Densified Point Cloud.

Access: On the Menu bar, click Process > Generate 3D Textured Mesh (active once step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh has been completed).


This process generates a 3D Textured Mesh based on triangles using the Densified Point Cloud. 

Important: By default, by clicking Process > Generate 3D Textured Mesh, the 3D Textured Mesh will be generated:
  • In .p4b format, only readable in the rayCloud:
  • In .obj format:
  • In .fbx format:

In order not to generate the .obj or .fbx files and/or generate other outputs (.ply, .dxf, .pdf) before clicking Process > Generate 3D Textured Meshchange the processing options and click OK. For more information: Menu Process > Processing Options... > 2. Point Cloud and Mesh > Point Cloud.

For step by step instructions about how to generate the 3D Textured Mesh: How to generate the 3D Textured Mesh.

Important: The 3D Textured Mesh will be generated using the Densified Point Cloud. If any Processing Area and/or image annotation is defined, and if the corresponding options are selected in the Point Cloud Filters options, they will also be used for the 3D Textured Mesh generation.

These options are available on the Menu bar, by clicking Process > Processing Options... and selecting 2. Point Cloud and Mesh. For more information: Menu Process > Processing Options... > 2. Point Cloud and Mesh > Point Cloud.
Important: If the 3D Textured Mesh has holes or is not planar in planar surfaces, it can be improved in the rayCloud. For more information: How to improve the 3D textured mesh.


Textured Mesh.

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