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A processing template is automatically applied depending on the type of mission and the operative system. For more information about templates: Processing Options Default Templates.

  • Free Flight mission on Android: 3D Models.
  • All other types of missions: 3D Maps.
Tip: For more flexibility regarding the processing options: How to customize the options for processing on PIX4Dcloud.

Upload directly from PIX4Dcloud

If the images are imported via the new dataset creation workflow, the following templates are applied:

  • For multispectral images acquired from Sequoia or MicaSense cameras, the Ag Multispectral template is automatically applied. For other supported multispectral cameras, the AG multispectral template can be manually selected. More information about processing multispectral images in How to process agriculture projects on PIX4Dcloud.
  • For all the other cases, the template applied is the one that is manually selected during step 3. Processing options, while creating the new dataset.
Note: To further customize the processing options, upload the project files from PIX4Dmapper.

Upload from PIX4Dmapper

PIX4Dcloud processes images based on the project file (.p4d) that is uploaded. The processing options, which were selected beforehand, are applied.

Typical cases when this is useful:

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