Account and license

License activation

License activation is the process required to let the license validity period start running and to assign the license to a Pix4D user account (or to a Pix4D organization). In this way, that user (or the members of the organization) can access the full set of product functionalities.

License activation is generally required when purchasing a license via a Pix4D Sales representative or an official Pix4D partner, who provides a license certificate containing a license key or a coupon code to redeem.

Note: This process has to be performed only once.
Note: In the case of a Pix4D organization, the procedure has to be performed by an organization Owner.

First, ensure to have a Pix4D account. If not, create an account following the Sign up instructions.

Then, to redeem a license or a coupon:

  1. Log in at this link with the credentials of the Pix4D account to which the license should be attached or the credentials of the organization's owner.
  2. Go to the redeem page.
  3. Enter the license key received in the PDF license certificate or the coupon code present on the flyer.
  4. Click Redeem.

The license is now active and associated with the Pix4D account (or the Pix4D organization). The Pix4D application can be used with its full functionalities.



"Invalid license or redeem code"



a. The inserted license key or redeem code is mistyped.

b. The license or the coupon cannot be accepted because the license is already active or the coupon has already been used.


a. Enter the correct license key or coupon code.

b. License or coupon redemption has already taken place. Open the Pix4D software, log in and select the available license.

If the above process has been followed, but the license still does not show up on the Licenses page, contact Pix4D Support.