Status center - PIX4Dmatic

The status center displays tracking notifications and progress reports of different processing steps. In addition, it allows easy access to the Tie points (GCPs, MTPs, and Checkpoints) and Cameras.

How to access the status center in PIX4Dmatic

  1. In the Menu bar click in View > Control Panels > Status center.
  2. The status center is displayed as a panel divided into two sections:
    • On the left, the Console tab.
    • On the right, the Tie points tab.


Note: The status center can be collapsed to allow a better usage of the workspace.
  • To expand the Status Center, click up.png.
  • To collapse the Status Center click down.png.

Tie points panel in PIX4Dmatic

The main goal of the tie points panel is to help manage GCPs, MTPs, and Checkpoints. In addition, the tie points panel allows for setting the horizontal and vertical coordinate systems of the GCPs and/or project coordinate system. For more information:

Tie points (GCPs, MTPs and Checkpoints) - PIX4Dmatic

How to use coordinate systems - PIX4Dmatic.

Console panel in PIX4Dmatic

The main goal of the console panel is to track and show the progress of the actions and processes performed in the project. By default, the panel is collapsed and shows only the latest activity. By expanding the console panel it is possible to see the complete list of activities.

There are 5 different levels of status that can appear in the console panel:

  • check.png Successful item: Process/action is successful.
  • warning.png Warning item: Cautionary advice.
  • error.png Error item: An error occurred during processing.
  • info.png Information item: An action is taking place (e.g reading file, loading file, etc.).
  • canceled.png Canceled item: An action is canceled.