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Desktop products within an organization

Enterprise User Management allows a company to centralize the information and manage the access rights to the cloud projects, sites, and assets generated by the employees based on their roles inside the Organization. This article explains how desktop licenses belonging to the same Organization can be used.

Information: This information is valid for PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dfields and PIX4Dreact.

How to use a desktop license that belongs to an Organization

Any User who belongs to one or more Organizations and has the role of Owner, Manager, or Editor is entitled to use all the desktop licenses that the Organizations own.

Use Desktop licenses

Users that belong to only one Organization

The User that belongs to only one Organization just has to log into the desktop application.

Example: Jane only belongs to Organization 1, and this Organization owns a PIX4Dmapper license with five seats, and she has the role of Editor. Jane can install PIX4Dmapper, log in with her email and password, and use the Organization's license. In contrast, Joe also belongs to Organization 1, but he is a Reader and cannot use that license.
While Jane is using the license, the PIX4Dmapper license will have only 4 seats available which means that only four additional users will be able to use that license simultaneously.

Users that belong to more than one Organization

Before using the desktop application, the User must select from which Organization the license is taken. To do that, set the preferred Organization as the Default organization. For more information: Organization Support and User Management.

Example: John belongs to Organization 1 and Organization 2, and both have one PIX4Dmapper license, but John wants to use the PIX4Dmapper license from Organization 2.
John will set his Default organization as Organization 2. When John logs in to PIX4Dmapper, the license will be taken from Organization 2.
If John wants to use the PIX4Dmapper license from Organization 1, he must set the Default organization as Organization 1 and log in again.

How to upload a project from a desktop product to PIX4Dcloud

Some Pix4D products can upload to PIX4Dcloud for processing or for sharing the results:

  • PIX4Dmapper allows the upload of the images and project files from the desktop to process the project on the cloud. For more information: How to upload project files from PIX4Dmapper to PIX4Dcloud.
    • The project is uploaded to the Organization's Drive that owns the license used.
    • To be able to upload a project from PIX4Dmapper to PIX4Dcloud, it is necessary to have an active PIX4Dcloud license.
  • PIX4Dfields and PIX4Dreact include a Share to PIX4Dcloud functionality to upload results to a PIX4Dcloud project. For more information: Share to PIX4Dcloud - PIX4Dfields and Share to PIX4Dcloud - PIX4Dreact.
    • The project is uploaded to the Organization's Drive that owns the license used.
Information: For more information: Organization Support.