How to customize the options for processing on Pix4Dcloud


Processing options can be customized for Pix4Dcloud processing if the project is created in Pix4Dmapper and uploaded to Pix4Dcloud. 

Important: A Pix4Dmapper and a Pix4Dcloud license are needed to customize the Processing Options with the following workflow.

Customized Processing Options are useful:

  • To customize settings based on specific needs.
  • To generate additional outputs or additional output formats on top of the default ones.
Note: Only standard outputs can be displayed for web visualization. Additional outputs and formats can be generated and downloaded.

To select custom options for Pix4Dcloud:

  1. Create a project or open the downloaded project in Pix4Dmapper.
  2. On the menu bar, click Process > Processing Options...
  3. Customize the processing options. Alternatively, at the bottom of the window, click Load Template, and select the appropriate one. For more information: Processing Options Default Templates.
  4. Mark the Steps that need to be run.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the menu bar, click Project > Save Project.
  7. Upload the project to Pix4Dcloud. For more information: How to upload project files from Pix4Dmapper to Pix4Dcloud.
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