FAQ - PIX4Dreact


What is PIX4Dreact?

PIX4Dreact is a fast-mapping desktop software that rapidly processes drone-captured images into accurate 2D maps when time is of the essence, and internet connectivity is not available. PIX4Dreact is designed for public safety, emergency management, humanitarian, and disaster relief to improve situational awareness and provide critical information.

How does PIX4Dreact work?

PIX4Dreact turns drone images into a 2D map. To achieve that, the software uses a direct-to-orthomosaic photogrammetry technique optimized for fast processing of mostly flat terrain from drone imagery. By focusing on this specific output, high-quality maps can be processed in a fraction of time thereby providing immediate situational awareness while still on-site using a laptop.

How do I try PIX4Dreact?

Existing PIX4D users:
Download PIX4Dreact from the download page. By logging in with your existing credentials, you will be able to test PIX4Dreact for free.

New PIX4D users:
To create a PIX4D user account go to the sign-up page. Upon completion, you will be redirected to the PIX4Dfields download page where you can download the software and demo datasets.

What hardware specifications do I need to run PIX4Dreact?

The hardware requirements can be found here.

Will my hardware affect the quality of my maps?

The image processing speed is directly correlated with the performance of your hardware. The quality of the generated map will not be affected by different hardware configurations.

How can I download PIX4Dreact?

Click here to download the latest release of PIX4Dreact.

How many computers can be used with the same account?

Each PIX4Dreact license is linked to a PIX4D account. PIX4Dreact can run on one computer at a time, but the license is floating and can be used to login on any number of computers.

Does PIX4Dreact process the data on the cloud or locally?

PIX4Dreact's fast processing engine processes the data locally on your computer and does not require an internet connection, other than to activate the license for the first time. However, locally processed outputs can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud for sharing purposes. Click here to learn more about share to PIX4Dcloud.

Can I use PIX4Dreact with no internet connection?

Yes, PIX4Dreact is specifically developed to convert images into high-resolution maps, with no cloud or internet connection required. However, before using it on a new computer, you will need to activate your license. While connected to the internet, log into your Pix4D account (or create a new one) and select a license so that you can use PIX4Dreact. The software will store this license on your computer until it expires, so you can work offline.

Which drones are compatible with PIX4Dreact?

PIX4Dreact will process imagery from the most popular drone models on the market today. We are actively working on supporting more RGB cameras in PIX4Dreact, and subsequent updated versions will have more camera model support. For more information: PIX4Dreact supported cameras.

Does PIX4Dreact process multispectral or thermal images?

PIX4Dreact does not process multispectral or thermal images. PIX4Dreact supports RGB images

What are the inputs and outputs of PIX4Dreact?

PIX4Dreact allows the import of JPEG images, as well as .p4r files. The full list of input and output files is available in this article.

What’s the difference between a 2D map generated in Pix4Dmapper and PIX4Dreact?

To create an orthomosaic map, Pix4Dmapper takes into account fine-grained local variations in altitude, whereas PIX4Dreact uses a coarser ground model. If there is a significant number of 3D structures in a project area then PIX4Dmapper will give more accurate results. However, PIX4Dreact still gives quality results on any surrounding flat area while generating outputs significantly faster than PIX4Dmapper.

What is the difference between the Digital Surface Model (DSM) generated in PIX4Dreact and PIX4Dmapper?

The DSM generated in PIX4Dmapper produces an accurate elevation value of each pixel, with or without above-ground objects, ready for your preferred GIS or CAD workflow.

DSMs generated in PIX4Dreact capture major ground shapes but are less sensitive to small structures. The absolute altitude of the DSM generated in PIX4Dreact will depend on the quality of the GPS information from the image acquisition.

What coordinate system is used by PIX4Dreact?

PIX4Dreact utilizes the corresponding Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone in the WGS84 datum WGS84.

Does PIX4Dreact support Ground Control Points (GCPs)?

PIX4Dreact does not support GCPs. If GCPs are required for improved accuracy and reconstruction, we recommend using PIX4Dmapper.

Can PIX4Dreact process oblique imagery?

PIX4Dreact supports processing nadir images captured with a drone camera pointing straight down. PIX4Dmapper is recommended for processing of oblique images.

My map doesn’t look great. Why?

The quality of a map can be affected by factors such as reflective surfaces in the area (water or glass), or large areas of the same color or texture (snow or skies). Please reach out to Support if encountering such issues as we can identify the cause and provide some recommendations for your future flights.
For more information please read: Stitching artifacts - PIX4Dreact.

Note: An overlap of 80% frontal and side is recommended.
Can I edit my maps in PIX4Dreact?

Not currently. It is recommended to export the map and import it into a third-party application such as QGIS or ArcGIS. Future versions will give more fine-grained control.

Can I use non-aerial images with PIX4Dreact?

No, PIX4Dreact can only be used with aerial images, ideally captured by drones.

What if my camera is not supported in PIX4Dreact?

If a camera is not supported in PIX4Dreact, it is still possible to process the dataset if a file with the internal camera parameters is provided. For more information: Your camera is not supported at this time - PIX4Dreact.

What is Share to PIX4Dcloud?

Share to PIX4Dloud is a feature of PIX4Dreact which makes it easy to share 2D layers over the internet with just a web link. It enables the connection of a PIX4Dreact desktop project to PIX4Dcloud. A single orthomosaic and/or a DSM can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud with a valid PIX4Dreact license. All layers will be stored in PIX4Dcloud, and a shareable URL link to the project will be provided after a successful upload.