Spot spraying and variable rate prescriptions for DJI Agras T-series with PIX4Dfields


The following article describes how to export spot spraying and variable rate prescriptions using PIX4Dfields Targeted Operation feature: How to create a targeted spraying map - PIX4Dfields to be used by DJI Agras T-series.

 Create and export map from PIX4Dfields 

After creating the Targeted Operation map following: How to create a targeted spraying map - PIX4Dfields, the map is ready to be exported.
  • Go to Export, Operations
  • Select the Operation to be exported.
  • Select DJI Agras (T-series)
  • Select format, the formats available to export to DJI T-Series are: 
    • DJI Agras boundary mission:
      • It will export one folder called "DJI" with a shapefile inside. Each operation (zone) inside the prescription map will be differentiated from the others.
    • DJI Agras VRA mission:
      • It will export a "DJI" folder with two sub-folders:
        • Shapefile:
          • It will contain a shapefile with the boundary of the mission. 
        • Rx:
          • It will contain a .tiff file with different rates following each operation (zone).
  • Afterward, set the Flight height and the Spray width, recommended are 1.5 and 5mts, respectively. 

Example of a targeted operation map:

Targeted Operation map ready to be exported.

It contains three zones with different rates. It can be exported as:

  • DJI Agras boundary mission:

Boundary .shp mission.

  • DJI Agras VRA mission:

Variable rate .tiff mission.

 Import map into DJI Agras controller  

Warning: To be able to import a prescription into DJI Agras T-10, T-20P and T-30, update to:
Aircraft:01.00.0602, Remote Controller:01.00.0602, APP:5.5.3.
DJI Agras T40 and T50 do not need an update.  


After exporting the desired format from PIX4Dfields:

  • Copy-paste it into the SD card.
  • Remove the SD card from the laptop, and insert it into the DJI controller. Power on the controller.
  • Click on the SD Card icon, and choose Shapefile.


    Insert USB/SD card into DJI controller.


    Select the .shp boundary created on PIX4Dfields.

  • Select the proper boundary and click Import.
  • For a VRA application, click Prescription Map.
  • The Importing Prescription Map will appear:


Importing Prescription Map menu.

    • Select ha no matter the units being used.
    • Resample With:
      • Max Value: this will apply the max rate when the drone is passing over two cells.
      • Average Value: this will apply the average rate when the drone is passing over two cells.

Video showing how to import a Boundary and Prescription Map into DJI remote controller:


Set desired flight parameters, load desired product, and fly.

Safe flights! 

Tip:  The following video explains step-by-step how to use PIX4Dfields to generate maps for spot spraying applications: Spot spraying prescription maps for DJI Agras, XAG and Tractors
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