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How to get a trial of PIX4Dfields

Information: Both new and existing Pix4D accounts will be granted a 15-days free subscription to PIX4Dfields. A PIX4Dfields trial starts when you log in to PIX4Dfields for the first time.

Sign up

Log in

Sign up for a Pix4D account or use an existing Pix4D account to login into the software.

  1. Download and install PIX4Dfields. See PIX4Dfields download and installation. 
  2. Enter the Email Address and Password.
  3. Click LOGIN.


3. An automatic free subscription will be generated for use.
4. Select the license.
5. Click NEXT.

Important: Without a trial or a commercial license, the functionalities of the software are limited. For example, without a license, it is not possible to export results.
Important: It is not possible to remotely deactivate a device activated with your PIX4Dfields license. To deactivate a device, log out manually from the application.
Note: If you have some issues while logging in to PIX4Dfields, contact our Pix4D technical support team.
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  • Riette Nauta

    Hi all,


    I really want to try the Pix4D fields program. I have tried signing up for the trial license. I managed to set up the account, but when I try to login to the Fields app, it is supposed to give me an option to click for the 30days trial license. But the program says No licenses found. When I try to manage the license it says the same thing. Can I please get some assistance on this. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Teodora (Pix4D)

    Hi Riette,

    Please contact our sales team for more details about our trial licenses:

    Best regards,


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