How to optimally visualize the Point Cloud in 3D on PIX4Dcloud


The 3D view loads and renders the point cloud of a project to allow the inspection of its reconstructed model with more precision than with the 3D Textured Mesh.

Conditions for visualization

The point cloud can only be visualized if the file is generated with the .las format  during the processing on PIX4Dcloud, or if one .las file is provided using the result upload feature. For more information: How to upload results and outputs to PIX4Dcloud.

Warning: If the project is uploaded from Pix4Dmapper for processing, ensure the Point Cloud is exported with the .las format. Check the box in the Processing Options before uploading the project to PIX4Dcloud. For more information: Menu Process > Processing Options... > 2. Point Cloud and Mesh > Point Cloud.


Point clouds make use of LoD (Level-of-Detail) for fast and efficient loading in web browsers. It is possible to change the visualization settings, the size, and the number of points of the Point Cloud.

  1. Open an existing dataset on PIX4Dcloud.
  2. Ensure to be in the 3D view.
  3. Click ic_settings_black.png. The following settings can be changed:
  • Background color: color in the 3D background.
  • Millions of points: points shown in the 3D view.
  • Show labels: labels on distance and area measurements can be activated or deactivated.

The rendering can rely on an adaptive or fixed point size mode.

  • Adaptive: the size of the points reflects the LoD level (not the precision) that is being displayed. This can create disparities among the points where some appear larger than others.
  • Fixed: the size of the points does not adapt to the LoD being displayed. This mode can favor a better rendering in particular situations, especially those where models contain thin structures.

To change the point size mode:

  1. On the left panel, select the Point Cloud layer.
  2. On the right, the Point Cloud details panel opens. Select Fixed or Adaptive as Point size mode.

To change the point size:

  1. On the left panel, select the Point Cloud layer.
  2. On the right, the Point Cloud details panel opens. Select the size of the points for the selected Point size mode.
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