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Regions is a feature used to estimate indexes over specific areas of the reflectance map, that later can be used to generate a prescription map for that specific area. This article explains how to create, delete, import, export, and manage existing Regions in PIX4Dmapper.

Access: On the Menu bar, click View > Index Calculator (available once step 1. Initial Processing has been completed). The Index Calculator sidebar is displayed on the right of the main window. For information about the sidebar's display possibilities: Displaying bars.


Visualization of the access of the Index Calculator in PIX4Dmapper.

Region section description

On the left part of section 2. Regions, there is an arrow that allows the user to show/hide the section by clicking on it:

  • By default, section 2. Regions is expanded and visible.
  •  Section 2. Regions is collapsed and hidden.

The following information is displayed:

  • Selected region: Allows the user to select the region you want to edit.
  • Draw: Allows the user to draw the selected region in the Index View.
  • Clear: Allows the user to clear the drawn region in the Index View. Enabled if the selected region is drawn.
  • Formula Status icon: Next to the button, Clear appears:
      • ok.png The region exists and is valid.
      • error.png The region has not been drawn, or the drawn area is incorrect (its edges intersect).
  • Regions...: Opens the Region List pop-up, which allows the user to manage the regions:
    • Add a new region.
    • Delete an existing region.
    • Edit the name of a region.
    • Display some properties of the region.
    • Import / export the regions.
  • Help: Opens the PIX4Dmapper help.

Region button description

When the button Region... is clicked, the following pop-up appears:  

It contains the section Regions:

  • Regions table: Contains the columns:
    • Region: Name of the region; by double-clicking on it, it is possible to edit the name.
    • Area [units]: Surface covered by the region.
    • %: Percentage of the total area occupied by the region.
  • Import...: Allows importing regions from a .shp files.
  • Export...: Allows to export the regions to a .shp file.
  • Add: Creates a new region.
  • Remove: Deletes the selected region.

And the buttons:  

  • OK: Confirms the changes.
  • Cancel: Does not save the changes.
  • Help: Opens the PIX4Dmapper help.
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  • drone EMW Industrial

    Is there a way to NOT analyze a polygon within a developed region.  Many fields have "unfarmed" islands in the middle of the field.  

  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi, Unfortunately, it is not. You can add a region for the unfarmed lands in the middle and a region for the whole field. You could then subtract the min, max, average values of the unfarmed region from the total region.

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