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The use of the Mosaic Editor is optional and it can be used to:

    • Visualize the DSM (raster GeoTIFF Digital Surface Model).
    • Visualize the DTM.
    • Visualize the Orthomosaic.
    • Improve the visual aspect of the Orthomosaic.

Improve the visual aspect of the Orthomosaic in PIX4Dmapper.

More information:

    • Mosaic Editor Manual: Full description of the different features: Menu View > Mosaic Editor.
    • Webinar: Orthomosaic - Best Practices and Workflow:

Pix4D webinar 6 Orthomosaic best practices and workflow in PIX4Dmapper.

Articles about how to use the Mosaic Editor:

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  • A T


    I was wondering if there was a way to edit the facade in mosaic editor?

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    Marco (Pix4D)


    There is no such tool.
    It has already been suggested to our developers.
    It might be implemented, but we cannot guarantee anything.

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  • Amit Kumar


    Can I merge 2 already processed orthomosaics, without the Raw Images?

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    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Amit,
    RAW images need to be converted before imported in Pix4Dmapper.

    You can merge two projects, but you will have to run steps 2 and 3 after the merge (step 1) in order to get the orthomosaic.


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