Getting Started

Checklist - PIX4Dcapture Pro

This checklist aims to provide an overview of the necessary equipment and the setup for planning a well-organized drone mission with PIX4Dcapture Pro.





  • Latest version of PIX4Dcapture Pro App installed on your mobile device or drone controller:
  • Pix4D account (unlimited access to the app until Sept 30th).
  • PIX4Dcloud valid license (access and download plans from the Mission Planner tool).
  • Latest operating system for the mobile device.
  • Latest versions of the drone vendor application (turn on automatic update).
  • Latest firmware versions (drone; remote controller; camera).
Note: A 15-day free trial can be started in PIX4Dcapture Pro. Design you data acquisition plans in the Mission Planner tool and fly them with PIX4Dcapture Pro. Upload your images to PIX4Dcloud Advanced to automatically get your maps and 3D models.


  • Drone (no damages).
  • Remote controller (charged).
  • Camera (if swappable payloads)
  • Mobile device (if applicable).
  • Drone batteries (charged).
  • Drone propellers (and some replacements).
  • Cable to connect the remote controller and mobile device (if applicable).
  • SD card with sufficient storage (if applicable)
Important: to avoid unexpected behaviors and long waiting times on the field, it is highly recommended to check for updates at home with good internet connectivity.
Note: For a full list of PIX4Dcapture Pro compatible devices, please visit our Supported drones, cameras, and controllers - PIX4Dcapture Pro article.


  • Install drone propellers, battery, and SD card (if applicable).
  • Remove camera gimbal clamp (if applicable).
  • Power ON the remote controller and drone.
  • Connect the mobile device to the remote controller using the correct cable (if applicable).
  • Launch the drone manufacturer application:
    • Perform any needed calibration (compass/IMU/camera).
    • Set up advanced safety settings such as obstacle avoidance.
  • Force to quit the drone manufacturer application to avoid conflicts with PIX4Dcapture Pro.
  • Open the PIX4Dcapture Pro application:
    • Log in with the Pix4D user account credentials (internet connection required).
    • Select your drone model.
    • Set the safety and security settings.
Important: the very first connection to the drone has to be done with the drone manufacturer application before using PIX4Dcapture Pro. Once the drone is configured, and all the sensors are successfully calibrated (gimbal, compass, and IMU calibration), the PIX4Dcapture Pro app can be used.
Note: an Internet connection is required to sign up or to log into PIX4Dcapture Pro, and also to Download offline maps to either have a basemap while offline or/and to enable the Terrain awareness feature for grid missions.