Failed to stitch images - R0009 - PIX4Dfields


This article contains the main causes that generate Error R0009 while processing a project.


Failed to stitch images, R0009: An error occurred while stitching the images.

error 009 stitching images

Description and causes

The error occurs after images are imported, and the processing has started. There are several reasons why this error can happen:

Not enough images

The minimum number of images to generate an orthomosaic in PIX4Dfields is three, if fewer are imported, PIX4Dfields will fail to process.

Not enough overlap

The overlap between images is not enough for PIX4Dfields to find matches. PIX4Dfields recommended side and frontal overlap is 80%.

Problem with the EXIF tag of the images

Sometimes the EXIF tags of the images are not correct, and this causes PIX4Dfields to fail when processing. On some occasions, the Phantom 4 Multispectral has incomplete coordinates in the EXIF of the images. If images are located in a different place on earth, this is typically the problem. The images with faulty GPS coordinates should not be selected for processing.


Folder containing images not selected properly

When selecting the Folder containing the images to be processed, it has to be double-clicked. Otherwise, all the images in the above folder will be imported, which will cause PIX4Dfields to fail when processing.

Corrupted installations

After installing a new PIX4Dfields version, some libraries can be missing, which will cause PIX4Dfields to fail during processing.

There is no need to uninstall the program, the projects will not be lost:

  • Click Repair.

GPU acceleration is not supported

Out-of-date GPU drivers can cause PIX4Dfields to fail while processing:

Different camera images

PIX4Dfields can process images from one camera at a time, for cases with two-camera images, they have to be processed separately. An example is the Quantix Mapper drone has two independent cameras, the images of which need to be processed separately. For more information: How to process Quantix Mapper.

Contact support

If the error is still happening, contact support with a valid PIX4Dfields license. Please share the Log Files and a description of the flight plan, type of images, etc.