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How to export boundaries to John Deere Operations Center - PIX4Dfields

This article explains how to export boundaries from PIX4Dfields and import them into the MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

PIX4Dfields can be connected directly to John Deere Operations Center, this allows sharing layers seamlessly. For more information: How to connect to John Deere Operations Center from PIX4Dfields.

Set up Client, Organization, and Farm

This information will be added to the exported Shapefile, if not determined, these fields will be empty.
In order to set it up:

1. Click the settings.jpgProject Settings.
2. In the PROJECT STRUCTURE section, select Client.jpg Client , Organization.jpg Organization , and Farm.jpg Farm .
4. Write the desired name to structure a project.
5. Click Add.
6. (optional) To add a new Client, Organization or Farm click on Edit Client, Edit Organization, or Edit Farm, write the names, and select Add.
7. Click Done.
8. Select the new PROJECT STRUCTURE.

Export boundaries from PIX4Dfields

In order to export boundaries:

1. Go to the Export menu and click on Boundaries_icon.jpg Boundaries.
2. Enable the desired boundaries for export from the Select Boundaries section.
3. Select the Shapefile Format.
4. Select MyJohnDeere compatible on the Attributes section.
5. Then click Export.


Import into MyJohnDeere Operations Center

In order to import the exported boundaries into the MyJohnDeere Operations Center:

1. Open the JohnDeere Data Manager and log into the Operations Center.
2. Go to the More drop-down menu.
3. Select Files (file size should not exceed 100MB to upload any data via Files).
4. Click on the + Upload Files button.
5. Drag and drop the files or click on Choose files to upload to browse and select the files.
6. Select Files.
7. Then click on Upload to close the upload files window and a status bar is displayed. Once the upload is complete the Status will appear as File processing finished.