Preference settings - PIX4Dmatic

The Preferences dialog gives access to the General and Network settings allowing to customize the PIX4Dmatic workspace regarding the language used, the folder path, the views, the software updates, and the proxy configuration.

Windows: On the Menu bar, click Edit > Preferences.
Mac: On the Menu bar, click PIX4Dmatic > Preferences.


In the General tab it is possible to change the following settings:


User interface

  • Language: select the preferred language for the application. Options are:
    • Chinese.
    • English.
    • French.
    • Japanese.
    • Korean.
    • Spanish.
      Note: The default language set is determined by OS language.

Project handling

  • Default folder path: Select the default folder.


  • 3D: Default background color: Select default background color.
  • 2D: Basemap enabled (requires a network): Toggle to enable and disable a basemap.

Layer templates

  • Layer templates enable the pre-building and reuse of entire layer configurations.

    Layer templates options.

  • When a new layer is created, it is possible to save this layer as a new template. A save-as window will pop up to provide a name for the new template.

    Save as window for layer templates.

  • Save template: Saves the default template layers, overwriting the current layers.
  • Apply default template: Applies the default template on the current project.

Software updates

  • Notify when preview releases are available: Option is disabled by default. To get notified when preview releases are available toggle on to enable the option.

Network - Proxy configuration

If a proxy server is used to connect to the Internet, enter the proxy settings, following:

  1. Open the Proxy window by clicking Network...
  2. There are three options to choose from:
    • No proxy
    • Use System proxy
    • Manual proxy configuration
    PIX4Dmatic preferences network
  3. Ask your system administrator which option to choose from the Protocol drop-down list (http,https,Socks4 Socks5, ). If you do not know choose Use system proxy.
  4. Enter the proxy Host name and Port number.
  5. Enter the proxy Username and Password.
  6. Click Done.
Tip: Local networks protected by proxies can cause issues with detecting licenses. A warning No license available is displayed.


More information about this error can be found in this article: No license available - PIX4Dmatic .

Offline license

The Offline license tab offers the tools to request and activate an offline license.

If you received an offline license file (.lic) from Pix4D, drag and drop it to this window (or click PIX4Dmatic import button Import file from disk and select the .lic file).

To request an offline license, contact your reseller or contact us providing us with the Hardware ID. To copy the Hardware ID in your clipboard, click the copy button PIX4Dmatic copy button next to the Hardware ID.

PIX4Dmatic preferences offline

Important: It is necessary to open the software and copy the Hardware ID while using the device that will be used for offline use. The license will be valid only on that specific device.
Information: Additional information on how to request and activate an offline license can be found in this article: Trial, sign up, log in and offline license - PIX4Dmatic.