How many images can the PIX4Dcloud servers process?


PIX4Dcloud can successfully process a certain number of images according to the characteristics of the project, the processing options, and the requested outputs.

Information: Users with a PIX4Dcloud or a PIX4Dcloud Advanced license are not allowed to process more than 4000 images per project. More information about cloud allowance at PIX4Dcloud - FAQ.

The variety and combinations of the parameters mentioned above can be many. This article is intended to provide some benchmarks and to show the results of some tests performed with significant camera resolutions, common project characteristics and default processing options.

Test results
  Dataset A Dataset B
Camera resolution 24 MP
42 MP
Camera used for testing senseFly AeriaX Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1RM2
Maximum number of images processed successfully 4000 2160
GSD 2.22 cm / 0.87 in 0.9 cm / 0.35 in
Overlap 75% - 75% 70% - 40%

Type of flight

Nadir, single grid Nadir, single grid
Type of project Industrial zone and agriculture area Excavation and agriculture area
Processing template 3D maps, Quality¹ 3D maps, Quality¹
Time to generate results 1 day 4 hours 19 hours

¹The 3D maps, Quality template includes the generation of the Point Cloud (.las), 3D Textured Mesh (.obj), Orthomosaic (GeoTIFF), and DSM (GeoTIFF). More information in New dataset - Processing template.

Warning: Higher quality outputs, additional outputs and output formats can affect the probability of success of the project processing.
Important: Note that the new 3D maps pipeline can process 3951 images of a 42.2 MP camera in a project. For more information, New 3D maps processing pipeline.
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