Pix4Dinspect release notes

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January 18th, 2021 - Improvements and bug fixes


  • Application-wide glossary update
  • Ability to not crop the 3D map (not available for Cell Tower asset type)
  • Automatic annotation framing for annotations selected from the list or 3D model
  • New Master camera filter available in the camera tab. It automatically enables a minimum subset of cameras considered as a minimum to correctly cover 100% of the asset. This filter is only available for newly created inspections
  • The upload dialog shows now the asset name instead of the asset id

Bug fixes

  • Now the 3D map is not oriented when selecting an annotation from the 3D map
  • In Chrome, a grey image was displayed in the image carousel for the currently selected image
  • Assets are now ordered in the asset selector for new project creation

Known Limitation

  • Instead of being informed about the Master camera filter not being available for old projects, all the cameras are disabled

December 17th, 2020 - Improvements and bug fixes


  • The asset belonging to an inspection is expanded in the list right after an inspection creation
  • The warning pop-up raised after inspection creation is now kept open till the user manually closes it
  • A browser warning before quitting was added for the cases where the browser/tab wants to be closed during the upload stage
  • Selected item feedback is now available for annotations, inventory, measurements, cameras, and processing content
  • Navigation improvements affecting the auto orientation of the digital twin triggered by annotation selection
  • Improved behavior of the “Auto orient the point cloud” selector
  • Cell tower’s digital twin clipping is now circular
  • Bug fixing 

November 24th, 2020 - Improvements and bug fixes


  • Inventory item coordinates: The GPS location of the boundary box center is automatically provided for the inventory items and available through the JSON and PDF reports. The coordinates are in  WGS84 format
  • Public/private parameter for the Inventory item. There’s a new parameter allowing users to set the public/private status for each of the inventory items. Inventory items set as public will be available through the share-link and JSON/PDF reports while the inventory items set as private will not. This allows sharing only a subset of inventory items or to generate the reports based on the current public/private selection 
  • New camera filter for the image containing annotations (All annotated)
  • An automatic email is triggered if the new inspection upload is interrupted

Bug fixes

  • Failure occurring while trying to create an annotation out of the image frame
  • Some GPS coordinates and altitudes were reported with a different number of decimal points
  • The inventory item original numbering is no longer reset once you select the inventory item for the first time
  • Fix in the scroll for the opacity control
  • Fix for an error causing grey image thumbnails in the image carousel
  • Fix for an unintentional image switch while creating/editing an annotation and the cursor is used

July 22nd, 2020 - Launch release

Pix4Dinspect automate industrial inspection and asset management with drone images. Inspect your asset in context and in 3D with both the original images and a detailed model. Annotate and classify, take accurate measurements, and let our advanced AI help you in the process. Pix4Dinspect records, compiles and formats your annotations with positional information as you go. Export your professional report with just a click.

What's new

  • Image and Video (Parrot Anafi only) as inputs
  • Asset management through the Dashboard
  • Asset specific processing optimization
  • Automatic digital twin clipping
  • Inventory tool for Cell Tower asset type, with automatic inventory detection and parameterization
  • Image navigation tools, sync between image and 3D
  • Image filtering capabilities
  • Image annotation tool featuring the 3D location of the annotation, editable fields, ability to attach a URL link
  • Measurement tool including longitude, area, and volume
  • 2D and 3D outputs
  • JSON and PDF reporting
  • Link shareability
  • Available in English, Japanese, and Spanish
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