Getting started

Trial, sign up, login, and offline license - PIX4Dmatic

How to get a trial of PIX4Dmatic

Information: Both new and existing Pix4D accounts can have a 15-day free subscription to PIX4Dmatic. To start a PIX4Dmatic trial, click Start trial on the home screen.

For new accounts, Sign up and create a Pix4D account. Once the Pix4D account is created, you can log in as described in the Log in section.

Sign up

To create a Pix4D user account:

1. Go to the sign up page.
2. Complete the sign up form.


3. Review and accept the Terms Of Service, and Software EULA.
4. Review and accept the Privacy Policy.
5. Click Continue.
6. Review the Privacy Settings.
7. Click Save.

Important: When the sign up is completed, click the activate account button in the email sent to the selected email address and start using Pix4D products.

Log in

Sign-up for a Pix4D account or use the existing Pix4D account to log in to the software.

  1. Click Pix4D_user_icon.png icon or Log in on the top right side of the screen.
  2. Enter the Email and click Continue.
  3. Enter the Password and click Log in.
Important: Without a trial or a commercial license, the functionalities of the software are limited. For example, without a license, it is not possible to export results and save projects.
Note: Customers of organizations with a single sign-on (SSO) active subscription will be redirected to their organization webpage for SSO login after inserting their email address. If you are interested in activating the SSO login for your organization, please contact us.


If the account used to log in is part of one or several organizations, it is possible to access the following options when clicking on the circle button containing the user account initials.

Organization PIX4Dmatic

  • Organization settings: A direct link to access your organization settings.
  • Switch organization: Use this button to switch between organizations. A pop-up window will appear showing how many licenses are available for every organization that can be selected.
    Switch organization PIX4Dmatic
Information: More information about organizations can be found in the Organization Support article.

Offline license

It is possible to require an offline license in order to use PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dsurvey on a device that is not connected to the internet. To gain access to this license, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dsurvey on the device you are planning to use offline.
  2. Open the Preferences using the Menu Edit > Preferences (PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dsurvey).
  3. Open the Offline license tab.
  4. Copy the Hardware ID in the clipboard using the copy button PIX4Dsurvey PIX4Dmatic copy button found near the Hardware ID in the blue box.
    Important: It is necessary to open the software and copy the Hardware ID while using the device that will be used for offline use. The license will be valid only on that specific device.
  5. Contact your reseller or contact us, providing the Hardware ID.
  6. The salesperson will contact you to confirm the product type.
    Information: For perpetual licenses, the offline license file will be version locked. For subscription licenses, there will be an expiration date based on the license term (3 or 5 years) and it is possible to upgrade to more recent versions during the validity period using the same offline license.
  7. Once this is confirmed, Pix4D will send the offline license (.lic file).
  8. Import the license file into PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dsurvey using one of the following methods:
    1. Drag and drop into the foreseen box in the Offline license tab of the Preference settings.
    2. Click the import button PIX4Dsurvey_import.png and select the license file.
  9. The maximum version allowed or the offline license expiration date will be shown in the Offline license tab.
    Important: If at some point it is needed to use the software on another device, then it is necessary to create a new Hardware ID from the new device and send it to your reseller or Pix4D. The same procedure from step 4 on will apply again.