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To create a new dataset:

  1. At the top left of the Drive, click New and select New dataset.
  2. The New dataset wizard opens.

1. Dataset creation

In the Dataset creation section,

  1. (For Pix4Dcloud users) Enter the dataset's name.
    (For Pix4Dcloud Advanced users) Assign the dataset to an existing site or create a new one.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    a) Upload images for processing
    b) Upload processed results

Upload images for processing


The images that will be uploaded as a new dataset will be processed to generate photogrammetric outputs that will be displayed on the web platform. More information about the processing options applied in: What are the templates and processing options applied to Pix4Dcloud?

  1. Once selected Upload images for processing, select the processing template to apply, choosing between:
    - 3D Maps, to generate Orthomosaic, DSM, Point Cloud and 3D Mesh for nadir or oblique flights.
    - 3D Models, to generate 3D Mesh and Point Cloud for oblique flights or terrestrial applications.
    More information on processing templates in: Processing Options Default Templates.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Follow the instruction for step 2. Image selection.

Upload processed results


  1. Once selected Upload processed results, select Create.

The dataset is created and the single outputs can be uploaded. More information in: How to upload results and outputs to Pix4Dcloud.

2. Image selection

  1. Drag and drop the images or search for the folder where they are stored. More information about input requirements in: Inputs.
  2. (Optional) To add more images drag and drop additional images or click Select images and browse to the folder where the additional images are stored.
  3. (Optional) Delete some images if necessary.
  4. (For Pix4Dcloud users) Select Create to finalize the dataset creation. The upload of the inputs starts.
    (For Pix4Dcloud Advanced users) Select Next and follow the instructions for step 3. GCPs automation.
Important: For Pix4Dcloud Advanced users, to be able to use the AutoGCPs detection functionality, the images must have geolocation and the geotags written in the file must be given in WGS84. If these conditions are not satisfied, the dataset creation process ends at this stage. 

3. GCPs automation

Note: This step is only available for Pix4Dcloud Advanced users.

If the user intends to use the GCP autodetection functionality

The CSV file containing the GCP data has to be uploaded. Follow the instructions contained in AutoGCPs detection functionality.

If the GCPs automation step is not needed

  1. Click Skip and process.

The project starts processing to finalize the dataset creation. The upload of the inputs starts.

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