How to connect to John Deere Operations Center from Pix4Dfields


Why connect Pix4Dfields with John Deere Operations Center?

As a Pix4Dfields user, you can connect a John Deere Operations Center account with Pix4Dfields so that you can seamlessly upload the maps directly into your farm/field operation. Connecting to a farm management system allows you to further utilize data and visualize it next to your other layers of information (yield maps, soil maps) so that you can make more informed decisions. It can also aid in the transfer of prescription files to machines in the field.

Which layers can be uploaded to the John Deere Operations Center?

Othomosaics, reflectance maps, vegetation indices, zonation, and prescription maps can be uploaded to the John Deere Operations Center.

Note: Pix4Dfields allows uploading zonation layers as shapefiles using the Map Layers API.

 How to connect to John Deere Operations Center using Pix4Dfields?

1. Open MyJohnDeere account here.


Note: If you do not have an account in MyJohnDeere, please register here. For more information regarding registration, please contact MyJohnDeere support here.

2. Go to the Operation Center here.

3. Give your organization a name.

4. Click LET ME IN!

5. Accept terms and conditions, and click CONTINUE.

Note: After connecting to your account in MyJohnDeere, Pix4Dfields shows the sharing functionality to the platform.
Warning: To upload layers to John Deere Operations Center, it is important to have an Organization, Farm and Field. You can create a Field on the Operation Center Map, here.
Warning: When an organization is created, the organization owner can add users and should set the access level for the people in that organization. Verify that you have all the permissions such as the right to create a map layer summary in an organization

6. Open Pix4Dfields.

7. Go to the SETTINGS and activate Data Synchronization. To learn more about  Data Synchronization here.


8. Upload the project using Data sync.


Note: Synchronizing projects might time some minutes depending on the size of your project.

9. Open the project that contains the layers to export to the Operation Center.

10. Click the EXPORT  export.jpg button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

11. Click Farm Management System.


12. Click Manage Third-Party Connections.


Note: After connecting, you will need to log in MyJohnDeere unless you have logged in during the first steps.

13. Install John Deere Operations Center by clicking connect:


Warning: This step will redirect you to My John Deere website where you have to log in and install Pix4Dfields web application. This step is important as it will grant Pix4Dfields access to your account and allow it to upload the layers. If the Pix4dfields web app is not installed in your My John Deere account - the connection will not be established and no uploads will be possible.

14. Click ALLOW to connect Pix4Dfields with your John Deere account.


15. Go Back to the Pix4Dfields Desktop application.

16. Click Refresh connection.


17. Bellow Farm Management System, select John Deere.

18. Select your Organization, Farm, and Field, which has been specified in the John Deere Operation Center.


Note: Organization is the organization you work with where your farms and fields are saved. Farm and fields are the ones relevant to your Pix4Dfields project that you want to upload your layers to.
Note: If you do not see your farms and fields, try going to the Operation Center>>Got to Setup>> Click Connections>> Find Pix4Dfields >> click Select your Organizations >> Give access to your fields >> Go to Pix4Dfields>> Export>> click FARM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM; click Refresh connection.

19. Bellow Map Layer Summary, give the new upload group of layers a name: This is the group layer summary name, with this name you will be able to browse the uploaded layer of this operation in the My John Deere field analyzer.

20. Click Continue.

21. Select the layers to export

22. Click Export.

Note: The exported layers will be displayed in the Field Analyzer tool of the John Deere Operations Center.
Warning: Uploading the layers to John Deere Operation Center might take some minutes. The time depends on the data you are uploading


Essential tools from the John Deere Operations Center


The maps that have been uploaded through Pix4Dfields will be displayed here. Click on the Fields button into John Deere Operation Center to see your field. 


To see which files have been uploaded to John Deere Center using the Files API, please check here.

Field Analyzer

The Field Analyzer allows you to evaluate operational layers individually, compare the performance of the field during different years, and access to agronomic information. For more information: here.



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