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Semester/yearly license of PIX4Dmapper for professors and students - PIX4Dmapper

Pix4D provides PIX4Dmapper license to students at a reduced price. The requirement is that only a user having a professor license can invite students to purchase this semester or yearly license. The user would also need valid Support & Upgrades to send the invitation. The workflow to get a student license from a professor is described below.

Instructions for the professors

The instructions below are for professors to invite students to purchase the licenses when using PIX4Dmapper.

  1. Go to the PIX4Dcloud page and log in with the credentials of the Pix4D account associated with the license.
  2. On the top right, click the user icon.
  3. In the user menu, click Plans and products.

    Pix4D plans products user tab

  4. Go to the tab of Licenses, and click Manage licenses.

    Pix4D Manage License Tab

  5. Scroll to the PIX4Dmapper, Professor license.
  6. Click Manage invitations.

    PIX4Dmapper edu manage invitations

  8. Add the email address(es) to invite students. If multiple addresses are added, they should be inserted separated by commas.
  9. Click SEND.
  10. When the invite is sent, the student(s) will get an e-mail with the store link. The store link can be sent separately as well.

    PIX4Dmapper edu invite new students

Instructions for the students

The instructions below are for students to accept the invitation shared by the professors and finalize the purchase of the license.

  1. Open the invitation sent by email or the link shared by the professor.
  2. Click the link to access the store page where the student can select between a semester or yearly license and continue to check out.
  3. Click BUY NOW and finalize the purchase.
  4. A new license is created under the student account.
    PIX4Dmapper edu buy student license
Note: If the student does not have a Pix4D account, an invitation to create an account will be sent, including a second step of going to the store directly.