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This article explains what to do when a camera or resolution is not supported in PIX4Dfields.

PIX4Dfields will display this message "Your camera is not supported at this time" when a camera is not in the database. This can occur for recently released cameras, less popular cameras, or if the resolution of the images is not supported. In this case, a custom camera parameters file (.xml) will be required to process the unsupported imagery. This .xml file acts as an amendment to the camera database and will allow PIX4Dfields to begin processing.


Not supported cameras error.

Important: It is still possible to process imagery from cameras that are not in the database.

What to do if your camera is not supported

PIX4D updates the database with every new release of PIX4fields to ensure the latest camera models are supported. In cases of currently unsupported cameras, a custom camera parameter file is available for download. Please click on the download link and follow the steps below to import the file into PIX4Dfields.

Click here to download a Camera Parameter File for PIX4Dfields

To use the file, perform the following steps:

  1. On the dashboard, click go to settings.jpg SETTINGS and select Camera parameters file.
  2. Click Select file and select the .xml file in the file dialog.
  3. Exit the settings and create a project to process the dataset. The camera parameters file is used automatically.


Camera parameters file section.

The file can be un-linked by clicking Remove in the Camera parameters file page of the settings. The parameters will then not be used anymore. If a camera parameter file is provided for a specific camera, its values override any corresponding values in the image Exif data or the internal database.

If the downloaded file still does not allow you to process, or the orthomosaic is not of good quality and you have a valid Support and Upgrades license, please contact Pix4D support sending your complete dataset so we can send an updated .xml file that will work for your images.

Important: It is recommended to acquire imagery at the camera's full resolution. Changing the image aspect ratio will change the image resolution. This may prevent PIX4Dfields from supporting the imagery and require a custom camera parameter file.

Which cameras are supported in PIX4Dfields

Check our supported cameras and resolutions here: Supported cameras - PIX4Dfields.

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